The cost of a bad hire is much more than just the hard dollar cost estimated at 20% of annual salary.

Productivity, morale and customer confidence could cost you much more!

You have more than likely seen the cost of a bad hire “calculator” but what’s hard
to quantify is the impact to morale and productivity of a team which ultimately
affect your company’s bottom line far more than just the hard dollar cost.
Whether you are a small business owner or an HR leader tasked with several
open positions, we can help you with hiring GREAT employees:


Job Descriptions

We help you create clear job descriptions that set expectations and
what success looks like.


Job Advertisement

We create an attraction campaign that will target the best candidates
for your role.


Applicant Tracking

You can utilize our applicant tracking system or we can help with the
selection and set-up for your company.



We can provide a full recruiting solution or a supplemental sourcing
solution (provide screened resumes) depending on your company’s


Profile Assessment Tools

We can provide the latest, validated profile assessment tools which
are critical in identifying a good fit for the role you are recruiting.
These assessments can also be used to identify team fit, onboarding
and coaching.


Hiring Process/Training

We help you develop a consistent hiring process as well as fully train
you and your managers proper interviewing and hiring protocol to
avoid liability and more importantly ensure hiring success.



We help you develop an impactful onboarding experience for your
employees to help them be more productive and engaged.


As much as 80% of employee turnover is due
to bad hiring decisions.

-Harvard Business Review