Talent Management Strategy and Hiring Solutions

Setting You Up to Find the Best Talent

Talent Management Strategy & Hiring Solutions – Identify & Attract "A" Players

Identify & Attract "A" Players

Building a world-class organization starts with attracting and hiring A-players. Unfortunately, today’s hiring processes can be overly complicated and ineffective leaving many good employers feeling frustrated, believing there is a shortage of exemplary talent.

The good news is, there are simple, affordable talent solutions that can have an immediate and lasting impact.

At Energize HR we are passionate about helping companies become
“Best Places to Work”, and believe an engaged workforce is a happier, more productive and ultimately more profitable workplace. 

You Deserve Employees Who Will Work With You, Not Against You.

The unfortunate reality is many companies struggle when it comes to growing and developing their talent pool. And the cost of just one "bad hire" can have a catastrophic impact on your organization's morale, reputation, and bottom line.

Our Talent Management Strategy & Hiring Solutions

Energize HR offers an array of talent management strategy and hiring solutions to customize a recruiting plan and processes designed specifically to fit your unique organization. Or we can support your recruiting team with any of our services below.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Job Description Development

Job Description Development

Create a meaningful job description identifying what success looks like as well as help set clear expectations for both the employee and the manager.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Salary Analysis

Salary Analysis

Using a salary benchmark tool, we analyze demographic wage profiles at a local, state, and federal level.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Screening A-Players

Screening A-Players

Utilizing the TalassureMX, we will create a benchmark to measure all candidates against the top performers currently in your organization or department.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking System

We can help you set-up your Applicant Tracking System for your organization including support and sourcing within the system. We recommend the best-in-class ATS, Jazz HR.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Job Advertising

Job Advertising

We will create an attraction campaign that will showcase not only the position but the company and what it has to offer. Advertising can be managed through the ATS by posting your job ad to dozens of job boards including Indeed and LinkedIn.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing

We source passive candidates utilizing a variety of methods including LinkedIn Recruiter.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Interview Training Support

Interview Training Support

We support your recruiting team by conducting all initial prescreen interviews through a 30-minute video call. A thorough candidate summary will be provided for each candidate and our team will support your organization through the candidate’s interview cycle.

 Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Job Background Screenings

Job Offer/ Background Screening

We create a job offer template for your to use with all future hires as well as set-up an easy to administer background screening tools and processes.

Creating a Talent Management Strategy – Onboarding through Offboarding

Onboarding Through Offboarding

We provide HR Consulting from certified and experienced HR professionals to help you build an engaging employee experience to power up your people and your bottom line!

All services are based upon an hourly consulting fee.

Why Do You Need a Talent Management Strategy

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent: A talent management strategy can help a company attract and retain top talent by creating a positive work environment and providing opportunities for growth and development.
  • Improve Employee Engagement and Performance: By providing employees with clear goals, training, and development opportunities, a talent management strategy can help improve employee engagement and performance.
  • Align Talent Management with Business Goals: A talent management strategy can help align the company's talent management efforts with its overall business goals, which can help the company achieve its objectives more effectively.
  • Identify and Develop Future Leaders: A talent management strategy can help identify and develop future leaders within the company, ensuring that the company has a strong leadership team in place to guide it into the future.
  • Enhance Your Company's Reputation: A talent management strategy that focuses on employee engagement and development can help enhance the company's reputation as a great place to work, which can make it more attractive to top talent.
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