Developing Leadership Excellence

Leadership Development, Simplified

It’s no secret that the higher the quality of your leadership team, the more productive and profitable your business will be. But leadership development demands a deliberate, targeted approach to self-appraisal, requiring actionable data on which to base developmental decisions.

The Talassure360 utilizes anonymous feedback from coworkers to determine a leader’s strengths and weaknesses, and then pinpoints suggested actions and behaviors that would assist in bringing about desired change.

Going Beyond Simple Performance Evaluation

Improved Leadership Team

Increase Engagement & Accountability

Gain Higher Productivity & Boost Morale

Strengthen Teamwork & Improve Communication

The Talassure360 combines honest feedback from coworkers with actionable suggestions to facilitate the formation of a leadership development plan.


The Talassure360 Advantage

Talassure360 employs a contemporary approach to traditional 360 methods. Talassure360 boasts:

  • Mobile Friendly Design – engineered specifically for today’s mobile workforce
  • User-Friendly Reporting – reports are clear and easily understandable
  • Avoids Information Overload – our results focus on the most impactful employee performance statistics