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Transform Destructive Behavior into Productive Responses

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Effectively Respond to the Uncomfortable and Unavoidable Challenges of Workplace Conflict

While conflict is inevitable in the workplace, letting destructive behavior go unchecked can have a devastating impact on your organization.  Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict leverages the proven science of cognitive behavioral theory to help participants recognize and transform their toxic and destructive habits into more productive responses. The result is improved workplace relationships that drive results.

Increase Self-Awareness to Improve Conflict Behavior

Discover Communication Strategies

Increase Self-Awareness

Identify Destructive Behaviors  

Recognize Unique Personalities

Engage in Productive Conflict

"Members are now saying that they’ve applied DiSC on their job site with their crews—and that they should’ve had it 20 years ago because of the improved dynamics they see on the job."

Bob Jacobson | Senior Program Director of Education and Training


Stop Struggling with Toxic and Destructive Workplace Conflict

With Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict your team will gain personalized techniques to curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace relationships and results.

  • Uncover the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict and learn how to reframe them to become more constructive and useful.
  • Recognize the unique personalities of your coworkers and use healthy conflict to help solve business problems.
  • Learn actionable strategies to engage in more productive and positive workplace conflict.
  • Dynamic learning experience uncovers the reasons behind destructive responses to conflict and how to reframe those responses to be more positive.
  • Customizable report features online tailoring options that make it easy to remove or rearrange pages, personalize the title, or print selected sections.
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data
  • Start Building Your Everything DiSC® Workplace Culture

Leverage the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit or experience our Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Workshop to start building your Everything DiSC culture today.

Facilitation Kit

From a customizable presentation and contemporary videos to a dynamic, modular design, the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Facilitation Kit helps create a memorable experience with lasting results for your organization.

Experience the Workshop

This half-day workshop is not just another seminar focused on general tips for managing conflict. Instead, our Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Workshop provides participants with a personalized, interactive experience that helps learners increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and discover how to effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict.