Make the Right Decisions About Your Most Critical Positions

The Insights You Need to Make Thorough, Well-Informed Talent Decisions

Today's top companies know that attracting and investing in their high potential talent and leadership positions is crucial to their continued growth and success.

Unfortunately, many organizations struggle when it comes to ensuring they have the right people in the right seats, which if not addressed can have a catastrophic impact on your organization's morale, reputation, and bottom line.

Energize HR's TalassureMX assessment tools gives you the insights you need to get the right people in the right seats – ensuring a harmonious, productive, and profitable workforce.

Maximize Your Team's Performance with TalassureMX

Control Every Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

With TalassureMX you can achieve optimal employee performance from pre-hire to development and beyond. Find out which candidates will be the most effective in upper-level positions.

Empower Talented Employees

When a candidate’s job matches their reasoning abilities and core personality you can be sure engagement, motivation, and retention are likely to follow.

Unearth Valuable Insights with Success Patterns

By evaluating job requirements to identify traits that make employees successful, our experts help you create an assessment framework for every position.

Make Your Organization More Effective & Successful

Fewer hiring mistakes, smarter onboarding, and more valuable coaching result in happier, high-achieving, and more productive employees.

EnergizeHR has had a large impact on our company and have provided tools we can use to recruit more effectively and leverage for performance reviews and expectations. Every insight they have provided from hiring to mission/values has introduced a new and better way to approach the topic.

Carolyn Goodman | CFO at CPAP.com

From Pre-Hire to Retire

The TalassureMX is intended to take an employee throughout their entire life cycle.

From hiring, to onboarding, to future plans, to developmental efforts, to engagement, the TalassureMX offers invaluable insights into your workforce, allowing you to make the best possible decisions from pre-hire to retire.


Get Powerful Insights that Generate Fast Results

TalassureMX measures cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and professional interests enabling you to make thorough, well-informed hiring and talent management decisions that will keep employees engaged and highly productive.

  • Comprehensive assessment for upper-level workforce
  • Takes less than 45 minutes to administer
  • Cloud-based, mobile, and texting technology
  • Includes distortion score that measures candor
  • Immediate results that deliver 10 valuable reports
  • Self-interpretive reporting
  • Based on valid research and reliable scientific data

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The TalassureMX assessments bring clarity and precision to your processes for hiring, onboarding, development, and more. Get your free sample report to see how you can start leveraging this premier assessment in your organization.