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Create a Harmonious, Productive, and Profitable Workforce

When you need definitive answers about potential new hires, talent management and succession planning, it’s time for our suite of Talassure assessment tools. Whether you are evaluating new hire candidates, or working with your existing talent pool, there’s never been a more precise, cost-effective solution for ensuring you have the right people in the right seats.


Make the Right Decisions About Your Top-Tier Positions

When it comes to high level job fit, there are many questions to be addressed.

How do you connect professionals with roles where they’ll be happy, productive, and grow?

Organizations must meet ambitious goals for selection, on-boarding, management, and succession planning when dealing with leadership positions.

The TalassureMX assessment tool enables you to engage and retain talented upper-level professionals, all via custom behavioral assessments that provide actionable data.

Working with Energize HR and Jill was a wonderful and insightful experience. Our team went through the TallasureMX assessment and found it to be truly invaluable. The insights into what skillsets we need to improve upon in our individual roles was spot on -- especially since it is tailored towards your position in a company. Our company is now making this assessment a part of our hiring process for our staff

Anuj Mittal

CEO at Zipp Liquor


Pre-Employment Assessments for Entry-Level Candidates

Selecting the best entry-level candidates presents serious and potentially costly challenges. Is the candidate capable of doing this work? Will the candidate perform at the highest level? How important is integrity in your workplace?

The entry-level hires you select today could become your organization’s future. You need to know you’re hiring the best people for every position, and that’s where TalassureQ makes the difference.

Now there’s an effective solution for entry-level employment screening. TalassureQ offers 3 assessments in 1. The criteria are determined by you, and you can utilize this information for each entry-level position at your organization.