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Why You Need Energize HR

Whether you are a new member of your organization or the CEO, you know that the future success of your company depends on the effectiveness of its people to work together to achieve a common vision. 

Unfortunately, many companies struggle when it comes to building trusting, open environments that stimulate innovation and growth. This can leave your team feeling frustrated, disconnected, and overwhelmed.

At Energize HR, we are passionate about helping companies tackle the overwhelming challenges they face in today's ever-changing workplace to become “Best Places to Work." 

Hi, I'm Jill Koob.

At Energize HR we understand the challenges facing today’s growing businesses, and recognize the importance of developing authentic leaders that respect and appreciate their employees and team members.

I started Energize HR because I am passionate about helping companies become
“Best Places to Work”. Through our HR Assessments, Training & Development, and Talent Solutions we empower organizations to overcome these common workplace challenges and create positive change.

So contact us today, and let's start building your happier, more productive and ultimately more profitable place to work!

Jill Koob

SPHR, SHRM - SCP | Owner, Founder of Energize HR

Clients that Trust Us 

Pathfinder Insurance Group
Excel Federal Credit Union
Avenue CDC
AirGas - Air Liquide Company
Perry's Steakhouse
Best Places to Work Kirby Transportation Houston, Texas
Pines Federal
Helen Smith - Human Resources - AirGas

Helen Smith


It is with great pleasure to recommend Energize HR for talent and performance management solutions! Jill Koob, Founder, President of Energize HR, introduced DiSC Profiles to me as a tool for leadership development within my organization. We have had great success in rolling out the DiSC Profiles within our leadership and look forward to introducing to all levels of employees. Jill has been a great business partner in providing consultation that meets our organization’s needs.

Anju Mittal - CEO - Zipp Liquor

Anuj Mittal

CEO at Zipp Liquor

Working with Energize HR and Jill was a wonderful and insightful experience. Our team went through the TallasureMX assessment and found it to be truly invaluable.

The insights into what skillsets we need to improve upon in our individual roles was spot on — especially since it is tailored towards your position in a company. 

Our company is now making this assessment a part of our hiring process for our staff.

Laurie Dempsey - VP at Pathfinder Insurance Group

Laurie Dempsey

VP, Pathfinder Insurance Group

We have worked with Jill and her team at Energize HR for over a year, and during this time their interaction with our employees and me has been consistent. She is very professional, knowledgeable, approachable, empathetic and productive. 

This has led to our employees feeling more secure and benefiting from the onsite training Energize HR offers. We are a stronger company today and I believe Jill Koob and her team are a big part of our continued success.

Jesse Umholtz - VP at Paysphere Payroll & HR

Jesse Umholtz

VP, PaySphere Payroll & HR

I have been working with Energize HR's stellar team since the creation of our business.

Jill has been a huge asset to our organization by helping to establish our Core Values. She created internal policies, advised on employee relations issues, crafted a customized company handbook, and assisted with top talent recruitment. Jill is an overall excellent HR mentor!

Kimberly Southall - Employee Development at Brazosport College

Kimberly Milligan

Employee Development Brazosport College

Energize HR is a great company to work with. They have assisted me in my training.

I am the Director of a training department and Jill has been so helpful with making sure that I provide the best DiSC training possible to the people in my organization.

George Andrews - Associate Dean at Rice University

George Andrews

Associate Dean, Rice University

It is said that people who truly understand something are able to make it easy and simple to understand–this is definitely true of Energize HR, and its founder Jill Koob. 

They make what had seemed like a complex process so simple. Moreover, I appreciate that their advice is always so actionable. If you are looking for great HR advice that is easy to understand and highly actionable, I recommend Energize HR.

Our Core Values

At Energize HR, we are committed to helping leaders make work more profitable and more enjoyable for everyone! Our core values reinforce this commitment to our clients and each other.


  • Take the necessary risks to achieve results and seize opportunities
  • Admit when we are wrong and work to find the best solution
  • Have the important and difficult conversations


  • “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” -Steven Covey
  • Speak clearly, directly and often
  • If issues arise, engage in live two-way conversations


  • “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up” - Vince Lombardi
  • Never give up and always give 100%
  • Work hard to find a solution


  • Continually seek feedback and remain open to others
  • Consistently look at ways to improve
  • Adjust course when needed

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