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Align Your Organization. Achieve Your Vision.

Create a Harmonious, Productive, and Profitable Workforce

Today's top companies know that investing in the growth of their team is crucial to their continued success.

The problem is, differences in communication styles, backgrounds, values, beliefs, personality traits, and mindsets can lead to misaligned teams and leaders that are “not on the same page”. If left unchecked personal misalignment, team misalignment, and cultural misalignment can have a devastating impact on your company’s bottom line.

Energize HR's assessment tools, training & development, and talent solutions give you the tools you need to effectively develop your team and ensure you have the right people in the right seat – resulting in a harmonious, productive, and profitable workforce.

Don't Let Team Misalignment & Dysfunction Hold You Back.

Stop Struggling With...

  • An Environment of Fear
  • Increased Turnover
  • Low team performance
  • Lost Customers
  • Negative Reviews
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Damaged Reputation
  • Compliance issues
  • Lack of Synergy
  • Lawsuits
  • Toxic Employees
  • Unclear Expectations

We Bring Your Team into Alignment.

At EnergizeHR, we understand that collective leadership effectiveness drives business performance. Through our HR Assessments, Training & Development Programs, and Talent Solutions we enable your executives, leaders, and teams to pursue their personal purposes by achieving your organization’s vision.

Attract and retain A-Players

Maximize employees efficiency and productivity

Increase customer satisfaction

Our Services

HR Assessments

Our profile assessments are best in class tools that allow you to help make better hiring decisions, as well as help managers, employees and team members understand and learn how to work better, be more productive and have more fun!

Training & Development

Our training and development programs are focused on your people and helping them become better managers, leaders, communicators and team players.

Talent Solutions

Finding the right candidates is the #1 issue for most businesses today. Our goal is to ensure you not only find the right candidate, but that they are set-up for success and productive after hire.

"Jill and her team at Energize HR have had a large impact on our company. They completely changed the way we look at job descriptions from a static document to a living strategic document which we can leverage to recruit more effectively and leverage for performance reviews and expectations. We are just scratching the surface with Jill's team. Every insight they have provided from hiring to mission/values has introduced a new and better way to approach the topic."

Carolyn Goodman ‧ CFO at

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